Here are some simple tips on how to dress up your look:

  1.  LOOK AFTER YOUR APPEARANCE:  It’s the kind of advice your mother might offer, but if you’ve invested money and thought in your clothing, look after it. Use wooden hangers for shirts and shoe trees for your best shoes; have your Suit dry-cleaned and pressed; wash your clothes regularly and, ideally, don’t tumble dry them (it can degrade the fabric); and polish your shoes. Equally, it’s not just the skin of your leather jacket that you need to care for, the same goes for the one you wear every day. Establish a simple, but no less solid, grooming regime, brush your hair and cut your nails. After all, the devil resides in the details.                                                                                 
  2. CHOOSE WELL YOUR OUTFIT:  When choosing an outfit, ensure that each piece goes together well. For instance, if you are wearing a white shirt and black pants, avoid adding any color like blue or red because it will create a clash and make your outfit look like a jumble of colors is rather than an overall cohesive look.                                                                                                            
  3. KEEP YOUR UNDERWEAR SIMPLE: Style isn’t only what everyone else can see. When it comes to men's underwear, there are two rules to follow. One, novelty prints are not for grown men – “your underwear is not the place to express your ‘personality’,” as the shirt. And, two, heavily-branded underwear lacks sophistication. “Of all places where you might have the confidence not to have branding, your underwear should be it,” The style that has best stood the test of time, of course, is the cotton boxer short, likely because they take repeated washing, breathe well and are comfortable against your skin.                                                                       
  4. AVOID MIXING: Avoid mixing prints as this can make your look appear uncoordinated and messy. For example, if you have a floral dress then avoid pairing it with a pair of animal print shoes as this will give an overwhelming effect that would not complement your ensemble at all!                  
  5. CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET: The first thing to do is to clean out your closet and get rid of all those items that don’t fit or are outdated. This will ensure that when you go shopping for new clothes, it will be easier because there will be less clutter.                                                                            
  6. KNOW YOURSELF: There’s are few things less stylish than a man dressed as he thinks he should dress rather than in what he genuinely feels suits who he is. There are caveats to that: there are no prizes for dressing like a rodeo clown unless indeed you are one. But whatever you’re wearing, you have to own it. Genuine style icons are those who go their own way with self-confidence that comes from their clothes being a second skin, not a costume.